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Dinosaur Patterned Print Fit Tee Basic Loose Nancy Kasik 

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I read the help on this new feature in workflow rules, but I don't get it. Can someone provide an example of what exactly this is used for? thanks

Steve Molis
Available in: Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Editions.

Selecting the Re-evaluate Workflow Rules After Field Change checkbox on the Field Update Edit page allows you to set a workflow field update to re-evaluate all workflow rules on the object if the field update results in a change to the value of the field.

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  • If the field update changes the field’s value, all workflow rules on the associated object are re-evaluated. Any workflow rules whose criteria are met as a result of the field update will be triggered.
  • Skirt Silk Skirt Boutique Boutique Silk 6p8PUqqIf any of the triggered workflow rules result in another field update that’s also enabled for workflow rule re-evaluation, a domino effect occurs, and more workflow rules can be re-evaluated as a result of the newly-triggered field update. This cascade of workflow rule re-evaluation and triggering can happen up to five times after the initial field update that started it.
  • In a batch update, workflow is only retriggered on the entities where there is a change.
  • Only workflow rules on the same object as the initial field update will be re-evaluated and triggered.
  • Only workflow rules that didn’t fire before will be retriggered.
  • Cross-object workflow rules and time-based workflow rules aren’t candidates for re-evaluation.
  • Cross-object field updates that cause a field value to change don’t trigger workflow rule re-evaluation on the associated object.

Nancy Kasik
I read all of that- it just isn't "clicking" for me. I am looking to see if someone can give me a real world example, to help put it into context. thanks
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Steve Molis
What part are you missing?  It seems pretty straightforward to me.
Francois Cossette

Hello jnkasik1,

Let me know if this makes sense (and SteveMo, don't hesitate to correct me).

Basically, here is what I understand from the Re-evaluate workflow (in simple words and using a fictive example).
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- You have a workflow that will change the owner of a contact based on the State where the contact lives.

- If a contact move from CA to MO, the workflow see the change in the State and automatically changes the owner to a different sales rep.  Now that the sales rep has been changed by the workflow, let's imagine there is another workflow.    In that 2nd workflow, we check the revenue per year of a contact person.  If the revenew is higher than 10k per year, its sends an email to the sales rep asking him to call the contact to ensure he or she keeps a good relationship.  So basically, the 2nd workflow (the one that checks the total revenu per year field) has been triggered by the 1st workflow which was only meant to change the sales rep based on the territory.  And it keeps on going like this for up to 5 workflow to be affected by the original modification (in this case the change of address).

Hope this is not adding to the confusion.