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The GNOME Foundation is a non-profit organization that furthers the goals of the GNOME Project, helping it to create a free software computing platform for the general public that is designed to be elegant, efficient, and easy to use.

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How it works

While the many GNOME contributors develop code, smash bugs, write documentation, and help users, the Foundation acts as a guiding hand in the process and provides resources and infrastructure. It steers releases, determines what software is officially part of the Project, and acts as the official face of the GNOME Project to the outside world, though it delegates most of its authority to specialized teams.

But that face, like the face of GNOME itself, is made by you. The GNOME Foundation membership is open to all GNOME contributors, and every member of the Board of Directors is a contributing member of the GNOME community. Becoming a member of the Foundation strengthens your voice in the Project and gives you an opportunity to vote on goals that will steer the GNOME Project into the future.

Board of Directors

The GNOME Foundation is run by a Board of DirectorsSkirt Boutique Casual Casual Skirt Boutique Skirt Boutique Skirt Casual Casual Boutique Casual Boutique WPwvO0tPq, which is elected annually by the GNOME community, as the GNOME Membership, to carry out much of the GNOME Foundation’s tasks.

The meetings of the Board of Directors are posted publicly on the foundation-list mailing list and on the Minutes wiki page for easier access.

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