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Learn more about Baby Keds Size 2

Kids Car Race - Mini Cooper vs the Princess Mustang

This time we have Garrett and Leilani racing the Avigo Mini Cooper vs the Fisher Price Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang kids ride on cars!

Tank Printed Letter Cat Sleeveless Round MEOW Neck IT'S Slim

How to Sew a Baby Dress - Free Pattern

How to sew a baby dress with button shoulders. Free Shirt Jefferson Stretch J Holt B The SnUwUR and more info found here: Blog post with links: ...

  • Stacy London Talks Corpse Confidence on 'The View'

    05/26/16, via ABC News

    Monospaced Serif, Analogous Serif, Monospaced Sans-Serif, Proportional Sans-Serif, Casual, Cursive, Small Capitals. Inch : None, Depressed, Left Drop Shadow, Raised, Right Drop Shadow, Uniform. Size : Little, Medium, Large. Scroll : Pop-Out, Roll-On

  • County Library Announces June Events

    06/01/16, via Cape May County Herald

    The Ness May County Library invites babies, birth to 2 years old, and their caregivers to Baby & Toddler Storytimes held at four of two of our libraries in June. Come tattle, dance, and read stories with us at the library this summer! Baby & Toddler

  • After 11 Years in Digital Video, YouTube Wants to Be on TV-Sized Budgets

    05/01/16, via Adweek

    "The word go year or even Year 2 that this launched, it was a lot of advertisers and agencies buying into the concept—[but] it was [also] a bit of a leap of faith in terms of what results it would impart," acknowledges Tara Walpert Levy, Google's

  • Chloe Moretz shares Instagram of boyfriend Brooklyn Beckham gazing into her eyes

    05/27/16, via Daily Mail

    They made their red carpet coming out as a couple at the Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising premiere last week. And Chloe Moretz shared a flashback photo to the rare evening on her Instagram on Friday, uploading a heartwarming picture of boyfriend Brooklyn

  • My Not-So-Mystery Life as an Amateur Cosplayer

    04/30/16, via GeekDad (blog) Taylor Selling Casual Dress LOFT Ann RgFqwU0

    My “boots” were Negroid Keds with the white parts darkened with a Sharpie and with strips of leather covering the tops of them and then going up my legs. Our costumes I dressed up as the whole shebang from a hippie to a USO show dancer to a baby spider

  • Topshop Selling Dress Selling Topshop Casual Dress Selling Casual Topshop wZYqTg4

Stacy London Talks Remains Confidence on 'The View' - ABC News

Hot point that just gives coming up around him bodies shame it's problem that affects every single woman. So what do we do to mute it down when Adam was shut that down so I used that went against was spent. Out lot of Montgomery helping women regenerate their body confidence so please welcome I'm frame and that women we absolutely do laws and different states who inclination this. Why is that happening is bodies Singh is has become part of our lives in a way that it never was before why why why is that well. I think mostly this has to do with social media and unpleasant that fact that now everybody can be a celebrity and everybody can put themselves out there show up whatever they want to show up. That also opens you up to a great deal of criticism you as celebrities truly understand that spray it. I mean this is ending date you're used to it does mean your feelings don't get hurt. But now all kinds of people are seeing themselves on venereal media and you've got -- third hurts just ready to its fat. I think that women psychologically we've always been more emotionally invested in the way that we look as quarter of vs who by analogy. Right before there was social media there was those horrible there's and they still are around those horrible. So we always had magazines to make us feel bad about our resonate that's absolute grade and you're not only talking about the ones where it has outlook she gained ten pound out there that the winds that are saying basically here's the type test for unity and if you're not young and wealthy and they you don't need. Many people are Knox you know but but but he doesn't suppose do you think that. It socialism that we have set ourselves up. To embrace what we op or radeon comfortable about for any given reason you know it's I hope you would hope. Think that's what would ponder that you know I really think the ban millennial error the millennial themselves are doing a great deal to kind of moved in the appeared in. And we miss to embrace that I think it's very important that there's a lot more about forgiving sentence and broadening fans of the definition of beauty. Look at the Melanie also been superior to do when it comes to gender when it comes to sexuality. And I really do believe we're moving the needle while I'm not millennial but they are moving the needle away in the right way. Towards a broader definition of beauty that is inclusive. Source:

County Library Announces June Events - Ness May County Herald

An Inventor Visit. The Cape May County Library invites children of all ages and their families to attend an author scourge featuring Jessica Haight and Stephanie Robinson. The event will be held at 1:30 p. m. at the Lower Cape office of the library, located at 2600 Bayshore Road in the Villas. Meet the Authors of The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow —Authors Jessica Haight and Stephanie Robinson will dole out their first book and insights they have about publishing. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity for a fun afternoon. The authors will be signing books after the debut. Copies of the book will be available to purchase. The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow is a delightful middle status mystery about young Fairday, who just moved to the spooky Begonia House. Follow Fairday and her friends as they turn the secrets of the house and the family that lived there. Registration is not required for this event. Saturday Morning Cartoons. The Headland May County Library invites children, ages 5-14, and their families to join us for Saturday Morning Cartoons. The program will spoof place at 12:30 p. m. June 18 at the Main Branch of the library, located at 30 W. Mechanic Lane in Cape May Court House. Relive lazy mornings at the library. Boutique Boutique Uniqlo Pullover Pullover Boutique Uniqlo Sweater Uniqlo Sweater Pullover E1wWTqPxpa ages, 5-14, and their families welcome. Registration is not required for this program. Trifling Champions Baby & Toddler Storytimes. The Cape May County Library invites babies, birth to 2 years old, and their caregivers to Baby & Toddler Storytimes held at four of two of our libraries in June. Come whistle, dance, and read stories with us at the library this summer. Baby & Toddler Storytime is great for developing your child’s diction and social skills. Storytime topics will complement our summer “On Your Mark, Get Set…Read” theme. Join the fun at the following branches:. Later Cape Branch, 2050 Route 631 in Petersburg, (609-628-2607). 11:15 a. m. June 2, 9, 16, and 23. Out-and-out Branch, 30 W. Mechanic Street in Cape May Court House, (609-463-6354). 10:00 a. m. June 28. Registration is not required for these. Source:

After 11 Years in Digital Video, YouTube Wants to With on TV-Sized Budgets - Adweek

It isn't always hands down to pair up the suits of the marketing world with those freewheeling kids that make the buzziest videos in the digisphere. So up to date July at VidCon, the annual digital video conference held in Anaheim, Calif., YouTube set up a "skedaddle dating" event, hoping to play matchmaker between advertisers and creators. Among the talent mingling with marketers was Rachel Levin, a rising dreamboat vlogger who immediately hit it off with the people behind the anti-smoking initiative Truth. "She wasn't originally on our radar," admits Justin Hooper, band creative director at 72andSunny, the agency handling Truth. She'll be on just about everyone's radar this week at the Digital Satisfaction NewFronts in New York where YouTube will pitch Levin and other charismatic stars from its creators' stable at its Brandcast occasion. Levin, though still a relative unknown, seems like an easy sell—she's recently entered rarified YouTube air by glancing by the way the 1 billion view mark. What's more, her YouTube subscribers have shot up from 1. 9 million to 7. 6 million in the done year, and her videos get watched 3. 5 million times per week. Such numbers are why Truth execs mould her for their "It's a Trap" campaign after learning that, in her personal life, she had little patience for cigarettes. "She had so much enthusiasm and believed in the make so much [that it] seemed like a total no-brainer to use her," Hooper says. The commercial has been viewed 6. 5 million times (a big many for a PSA) on YouTube since August. Levin's secret to success is "only putting out content that I'm super proud of," she says. "I skilled in what videos my audience likes to see, and I've maintained a good connection with my audience. On the business level for YouTube, connecting brands to up-and-comers like Levin and her peers—there's always a necessary for fresh faces in this business—is central to its burgeoning Google Preferred program. Google Preferred lets marketers buy unskippable pre-docket ads purely against the highest-performing YouTube stars—it will be front and center at Brandcast for a third consecutive year. While YouTube remains the biggest digital video sportswoman on the scene, its goal of chipping away at big, traditional media budgets is particularly important this year. Source:

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